17 million people in the UK could break ANY Coronavirus rule on Christmas Day

August 4, 2023

Results from a recent survey by Nuts About Money, found 26% of households would break ANY coronavirus rules in place to spend Christmas Day with their families outside their own household. That’s as many as 17 million people across the UK mixing households to spend the big day with their loved ones.

The survey also found even if we are allowed to spend Christmas Day indoors with a group of 6, 19% of those surveyed would still break the rules to spend it with their wider family from other homes. Which could still mean as many as 13 million people mixing between households.

Chris Dowling, Founder of Nuts About Money, commented:

“I’ve just had my second child and would love to spend Christmas with the grandparents, so it’s completely understandable to see the results that high, it would be great for the grandparents to spend time with their new granddaughter and the help with Christmas lunch would be a bonus! But let's hope people are sensible, the rules are in place for a reason.”

However, the impact of this many people, 1/4 of the country, breaking the rules and potentially spreading coronavirus across millions of people up and down the country could have a devastating impact on the NHS in the weeks following Christmas. Right at the time of the year where the pressure on the NHS is already at its highest.

Here's the data

We surveyed our own website audience anonymously. Our audience is wide ranging and not specific to a particular demographic, meaning the results could be representative of the whole country.

If you'd like to see the data, please get in touch.

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