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January 26, 2023

In a nutshell

Online Mortgage Advisor is in fact, not an online mortgage advisor, or a mortgage advisor at all. They simply match you with a traditional mortgage advisor who uses phone and email. However the advisors are pretty good and whole-of-market (they search every mortgage). There’s better options out there. A disappointing 2 stars from us.

Our rating

Online Mortgage Advisor rated 2 stars

Online Mortgage Advisor

cracked open 🥥

Let’s start by saying, Online Mortgage Advisor is not an online mortgage advisor. I know right?!

It’s very misleading, and it gets worse, it’s not actually a mortgage advisor.

Online Mortgage Advisor is just a website that simply matches you with a traditional mortgage advisor. And to be fair, that is completely fine and a great service to offer, but maybe not the best name for it.

Online Mortgage Advisor review

Using a reviewed and vetted mortgage advisor who can search the whole market is highly recommended, so you can be sure you’re getting the best mortgage deal (more on that later).

So, if you’re looking to be connected with a traditional mortgage advisor, then great! But, if you’re actually looking to get a mortgage online, these guys aren’t for you. However, luckily, we've done the hard work for you and compared all the best online options…

If you do want to get a mortgage online, here’s the best online mortgage advisors. Spoiler alert, the best is Habito¹, they’re completely free, search the whole market and have great service. You can learn more about them with our Habito review.

Anyway, if you are looking for a traditional mortgage advisor, Online Mortgage Advisor could be a good fit for you.

How Online Mortgage Advisor works

The Online Mortgage Advisor service is easy to use and get started. All you need to do is fill out their form online with your details – so that’s a bit about you, the mortgage you are looking for, and whether you are remortgaging (switching deals) or looking to buy a new property.

How Online Mortgage Advisor works

By the way, if you’ve got bad credit, or are self-employed, you should mention this, as your mortgage can often be a lot more complicated. Here’s how to get a mortgage with bad credit and a mortgage if you’re self-employed.

And if you’re a first time buyer (not bought a property before), we’ve actually got a great guide to find the best mortgage for first time buyers.

After you’ve filled in the form on the Online Mortgage Advisor website, just sit back and relax. They’ll find the right advisor for you from their large database of advisors.

Get a mortgage advisor

After that, your new mortgage advisor will get in touch with you directly, to find the best mortgage for you.

However, do be prepared for calls, texts and emails. The service will keep reminding you they are either looking for an advisor or that they have found one. So make sure you are ready to speak to an advisor before starting the process.

Your advisor will actually stay with you throughout the whole process, as all advisors do wherever you go, and they will even apply for the mortgage on your behalf. You don’t really have to do much! That’s why we call mortgage advisors the superheroes of the mortgage world.

Mortgage advisor

Mortgage advisor criteria

The great thing with Online Mortgage Advisor is they don’t just work with any broker. They make sure the broker has access to the whole market. That means they can search every UK mortgage deal to find the best mortgage for you (which is normally the cheapest one).

Whole-of-market mortgage advisor

This is super important, as if you use a mortgage broker who can’t search the whole market, for instance one that only searches just a few lenders, then you can’t be sure you’ll get the best deal. And not getting the best deal could mean a difference of £100s per month. So make sure you always use a whole-of-market broker!

The customer service naturally varies with each mortgage advisor, as they all work for themselves and not Online Mortgage Advisor. So it can be a bit hit and miss with the service, but remember, even if you have an initial chat with your broker you don’t have to use them for the mortgage, just walk away.

Online Mortgage Advisor customer service

If you want great customer service, check out Tembo¹, their mortgage brokers will handle the whole mortgage for you, and the service is great. Alternatively, try Habito¹ – it's all online, and is one of the highest rated brokers for customer service out there, plus they’re completely free.

How much is Online Mortgage Advisor?

To use the Online Mortgage Advisor service it’s actually completely free. However, that’s just the matching service.

The cost of actual mortgage advice is not free. And this depends on which broker you are matched with.

The average cost of a mortgage broker is between £200 to £1,000, and this can increase even more if your mortgage is a bit more complicated, for instance if you had bad credit.

Mortgage advisor fees

However, it’s totally worth paying for the right mortgage advice to make sure you’ll get the best mortgage for you. Or you could end up losing out on £100s per month on a more expensive mortgage deal.

The good news is a mortgage advisor will handle everything for you, and know which mortgage lenders are likely to accept you for a mortgage, and importantly, which ones won’t. (A declined mortgage application isn’t great for your credit score.)

Credit score and mortgages

If you are looking for a completely free online mortgage broker, check out Habito¹.

Looking for an online mortgage advisor?

Check out Habito. They’re online, fee free, whole-of-market and have great service.

Visit Habito¹Visit Habito¹

Customer support

There’s not much customer support when it comes to Online Mortgage Advisor. It’s simply a matching service. You won’t be able to speak to anybody, either on the phone or over live-chat (on the website). And there’s no email either.

Online Mortgage Advisor website

However, once you are matched with a mortgage advisor, you’ll be able to phone and email them for more help and advice.

Is Online Mortgage Advisor safe?

It’s safe to use Online Mortgage Advisor as it’s just a matching service.

However, when you are matched with a mortgage advisor, you should check they are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They’re the people who review and approve mortgage advisors.

And as they’re approved, you will be entitled to compensation if they do give the bad advice (such as recommending the wrong mortgage for you).

You can check if an advisor is authorised by the FCA, by checking the FCA register.

Online Mortgage Advisor customer reviews

Online Mortgage Advisor has got a great rating on the popular reviews website, Trustpilot. A score of 4.5 out of 5. That’s pretty great, in fact it’s classed as Excellent. Although that’s from just 280 reviews.

Online Mortgage Advisor Trustpilot rating

Most of the reviews are mentioning how good their mortgage advisor is, and getting the best deal.

However, there are quite a few reviews that say Online Mortgage Advisor keeps contacting them with unsolicited calls and texts. How annoying is that?!

Our thoughts

We highly recommend everyone use a whole-of-market mortgage advisor to find the best deal for them, because the right deal can save £100s per month. So any service that provides customers with the right advice when it comes to mortgages we love!

We’re not super keen on Online Mortgage Advisor suggesting they are an online mortgage advisor, as they are not. If you are looking for an actual online mortgage advisor, check out best online mortgage advisors, and top rated Habito¹ – they're online, fee free, whole-of-market, and have a great service.

So with that in mind, we’re giving them 2 stars. A good service, but nothing special. There’s better options out there. Here’s the Online Mortgage Advisor website if you want to try them out.

Looking for an online mortgage advisor?

Check out Habito. They’re online, fee free, whole-of-market and have great service.

Visit Habito¹Visit Habito¹

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