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We know money and things related to money can sometimes be complicated and difficult to understand. But fear not, Nuts About Money is here to help you understand, so you can make the right financial decisions for yourself.

We do that by providing you with the right information in the simplest way possible, that’s easy to understand, written in plain English, and with clear options and steps to take (if appropriate).

If we do say so ourselves, we've got very high standards to ensure you’re getting the best information possible. To ensure those high standards, we’ve created a set of guidelines for our content, which we call our editorial code.

  1. Easy to understand – we’re here for everyone, no matter their financial knowledge – our primary focus is to be easy to read and understandable to all.
  2. Accurate, reliable and up-to-date – our experienced team of experts write and review all content to ensure it’s helpful and factually correct.
  3. Impartial – our recommendations, if any, are unbiased, and based on our own research of the best options for our readers.
  4. Transparent – we’re open and clear with research, data sources and how we’re financed.
  5. Complies with FCA regulations – we ensure our content meets the guidelines set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so you get fair and honest information, even though we don’t need to be regulated.

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