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Edward Savage
Personal Finance Editor
June 13, 2024

In a nutshell

Snoop is a great budgeting app to track all of your spending in one place. You’ll soon see where all your cash is going and where to save. Plus, Snoop can help you save on all of your household bills too. And it’s free too! Highly recommended. 5 stars from us.

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Snoop rated 5 stars


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Snoop is a budgeting app that automatically tracks all of your spending, wherever your spending might be – across all of your bank accounts and credit cards. 

Snoop review

It brings all of your spending into one place. That way you can manage your money much easier, and potentially save lots of cash!

As all your spending is in one place, Snoops' clever technology can also work out if you’re paying too much on your bills (such as energy, mobile and car insurance), and suggest new cheaper providers, super clever if you ask us.

It’s an app on your phone, on both Apple and Android. And very highly rated – on Apple it’s rated 4.5 out of 5.

Snoop app rating

Oh, and it’s completely free to use too, although there is a paid plan for more advanced features (a business has got to make money somehow).

Already sold? Head over to the Snoop website¹ to learn more.

Is Snoop good for beginners?

If you’re not great at saving and budgeting (and let’s face it, not many of us are), Snoop could be a game changer for you.

It’s designed to be as easy as possible to use and link all of your accounts. In fact you can be up and running in just 3 minutes.

If you’re already a pro at budgeting and on top of your spending, and are just looking for a budgeting app to save your cash and maybe invest it to make more money, check out the best budgeting apps.

Get started with Snoop for free

Download Snoop from their website and get started for free.

Visit Snoop¹Visit Snoop¹

How Snoop works

Once you’ve signed up, simply connect your bank accounts and any credit cards you might have (it's easy to do), then Snoop will start bringing in all of your transactions into the app.

How Snoop works

You’ll be able to see all of your transactions, and see exactly where all of your money is going. It can be scary viewing, eek! Don't worry though, Snoop will get to work…

Snoop dashboard

Personalised suggestions to save money

Now Snoop is tracking your spending, it will give you suggestions on how to save money. It’s all personalised to your circumstances, and is handled by its smart technology. It’s pretty cool.

Dashboard to track your spending

There’s also some great tools, such as a monthly chart to track your spending over the month and compare it with previous months. Don't worry, it's all simple to understand.

You’ll soon see if you’ve been spending too much this month and you can take action and scale back, or if you’re having a great month, maybe treat yourself!

Categorise your spending

A great tip for budgeting is to categorise all of your spending. This way you’ll know if it’s essential, such as bills, or if all your money is actually going on after work drinks or meals out (they soon add up don’t they?).

Snoop will try and categorise your spending automatically, but you can adjust this and add new categories too – so if you’ve got a little project going that you spend money on, perhaps planning a big wedding or a regular event (such as Friday drinks), you can set this up and see how much in total you are spending.

Upcoming bill alerts

Snoop will also let you know any upcoming bills, and alert you if you like, so you can stay on top of your budget, and maybe not get that takeaway this time as the rent is due next week…

Note: you can always turn these notifications off if they’re becoming unhelpful.

Manage subscriptions

Snoop will also track all of your subscriptions, and let you know which ones are adding up to a lot, and also ones you might not be using, or have signed up and forgotten all about.

Save money on household bills

A great feature with Snoop is that it can work out if you could save money on all of your household bills, and work out when you should switch suppliers to save money, loyalty doesn't pay!

Snoop household bills

There’s a huge range of bills it can work with. Here’s the full range:

  • Energy
  • Broadband
  • Mobile contract
  • Car insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Bike insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Gadget insurance
  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Pensions
  • Credit cards

Snoop works with partners who are either the cheapest out there, or they search from all the companies out there to make sure you’re on the best deal. It’s pretty cool.

If you’re interested in this and who they work with, learn more on the Snoop website¹.

How much is Snoop?

To get started with Snoop it’s completely free! And you can use the free plan for as long as you want – you’ll get most of the features to track your spending and start saving money.

Then there’s a ‘Snoop Plus’ plan, and this is £3.99. With this plan, you get unlimited access to the existing features and a few more advanced ones.

Snoop Plus

So you can do things like have unlimited categories (there’s a limit on the free plan), and unlimited dashboard features, such as spending reports.

You’ll also get unlimited alerts of spending and alerts for refunds coming back into your account.

Then you can track your ‘net worth’, which is how rich you are in total (or not!).

You’ll know if you need the paid plan or not once you start using Snoop, as they’ll let you know that if you want to continue accessing certain features for the current month, you’ll have to upgrade. 

Nuts About Money tip: start with the free plan and see how you get on. You get a 7 day free trial¹ to try the paid plan too.

Is Snoop safe?

Yep! Snoop is perfectly safe to use.

Although you connect your bank accounts, it can’t actually spend or access your money. Just read your transactions. They cannot see your passwords or any login information. They use something called open banking to access your accounts.

Plus, the Snoop app also has the same high security as a bank too.

They are also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means they have been approved and are trusted to manage your money.

Snoop - FCA

Snoop pros and cons

Here’s a quick recap and the pros and cons of Snoop:


  • Free to use
  • View all your spending in one place
  • Save money on your bills
  • Works with all the major banks (over 50 banks)


  • Have to upgrade to get all the features
  • Doesn’t offer savings or investing accounts
  • Not much else!

Snoop customer reviews

Customers love Snoop. On the popular reviews website, Trustpilot, it’s got an excellent rating of 4.4 out of 5. However, that is only from around 30 reviews.

Snoop Trustpilot rating

And on Smart Money People, another popular reviews website, it has over 5,000 reviews, giving it a rating of 4.9 out of 5. That’s awesome!

Most of the customers are praising how much money they are saving and being able to find new deals for their household bills. Also, how easy it is to use and get a complete overview of all your spending.

Our thoughts

We love Snoop too.

To get all your spending in one place is really clever, and is essential for creating a good budget to stick with and save you money. You can see things like old subscriptions you might have forgotten about, these will soon add up. With Snoop, you’ll soon see where all your money is going!

Budgeting apps are definitely a game changer when it comes to your spending, and we highly recommend them. It’s also worth checking out our best budgeting apps, and our favourite, Chip¹, if you’re looking to save and invest (all done automatically).

Plus, with Snoop, they’ll make sure you are on the cheapest deals possible for you. So bonus points for that.

So you get all of this and you can use it for free, forever! You only need to upgrade if you really want more of a certain feature (such as spending reports).

Overall, it’s great, and we recommend giving it a go! 5 stars from us. Here’s the Snoop website¹ to get started.

Get started with Snoop for free

Download Snoop from their website and get started for free.

Visit Snoop¹Visit Snoop¹

Get started with Snoop for free

Download Snoop from their website and get started for free.

Visit Snoop¹Visit Snoop¹

Get started with Snoop for free

Download Snoop from their website and get started for free.

Visit Snoop¹Visit Snoop¹
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Get started with Snoop for free

Download Snoop from their website and get started for free.

Visit Snoop¹Visit Snoop¹

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