What does conveyancer mean?

A conveyancer, also known as a ‘conveyancing solicitor,’ handles the legal process of transferring the ownership of a property from one person to another. This process is called ‘conveyancing’ and you can’t buy or sell a house without it. 

Once you have a conveyancer on board, they’ll get hold of all the legal documents you need to buy (or sell) your house, and go through them for you. This includes carrying out ‘local searches,’ where they contact the local council and ask them for information about the property’s land and local area. 

They’ll also apply to register the change of ownership with the Land Registry and they’ll draft up the contract associated with the sale of the property.

Nuts About Money tip

Most estate agents will recommend you a conveyancing solicitor when you have an offer accepted on a property, but it’s worth asking friends and family for recommendations too.

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