What does ‘making a claim’ mean?

Making a claim is when you ask your insurance provider to pay for something for you.

Let’s imagine you have home insurance. This means you’ll be making a payment each month or year and in return, your insurance provider will pay if there’s damage to your home or its contents. 

If your home or contents do get damaged, you’ll need to tell your insurance provider and ask them to cover the cost of repairing or replacing them. This is called ‘making a claim.’

All insurance works in a similar way, including car insurance and pet insurance.

Nuts About Money tip

Sometimes, you might find that it’s not worth making a claim if there’s damage. This is because most insurance providers have something called a no claims discount. That means if you don’t make a claim for a year or more, they’ll normally reduce the upfront cost of your insurance the next year as a reward.

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