Get a cash refund for your rail or coach ticket

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May 19, 2024

The government is ensuring that everyone who had a rail or coach ticket for the Christmas period 23rd to 27th December, will be able to get a cash refund.

Get a cash refund for your rail or coach ticket

Now how do I get my money back for obeying the government and not travelling? Well, it applies to journeys in England booked after the 23rd November, as that was the advice given then. 

National rail’s refund page states that their train tickets bought before the 24th November have normal refund rules with an admin fee applying, but you can freely delay your travel dates. Season ticket refunds are a whole new ballgame, the National Rail’s season ticket refund calculator helps.

National Express explain their refund policy, depending on whether you have booked a restricted ticket, standard ticket or a fully flexible ticket. They also have a helpful Coronavirus FAQs page.

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