Online grocery shopping up 70%

Published on
January 3, 2021

In 2020 we either ended up with less money, as the pandemic caused us to lose our jobs, or we ended up with more as we didn’t go out socialising, going on holidays or just go shopping for the fun of it.

First, for those who lost their jobs, Citizens Advice can help with general money advice issues. For those still with jobs, then maybe home working has saved you money on commuting, lunches and socialising with work colleagues.  

Spending trends have changed too in 2020. According to Barclaycard, online grocery shopping has grown over 70% in the past year. Local independent food shops, butchers, bakers and cafes have seen nearly a 30% growth.

CAF has reported that charitable donations have remained the same over the pandemic year. It is not surprising that hospitals and hospices did particularly well.

The question for those still with jobs is, ‘what do you do with that extra money?’

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