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August 29, 2021

In a nutshell

Move over financial advisors, Finimize is in town. Easy to understand news, expert analysis and guides on finance, business and investing all in one app, updated daily. All for just a small monthly fee. It’s hugely popular and a must-have. 5 stars from us.

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Fancy a financial advisor in your pocket? Now imagine 1,000s of financial advisors in your pocket – that’s what Finimize is all about. It’s an app on your phone (and email) packed full of expert analysis and content, in easily digestible formats – short voice recordings and short articles, all on the latest news and developments in investing, finance and business.

Finimize app on phone

The mobile app is for both Apple and Android, updated daily with news and insights. Our favourite bit is the daily digest every morning covering the latest news on the financial markets, normally in under 5 minutes, read or listen – it’s the perfect way to start your day, whether you’re new to investing or a professional investor.

Finimize on App Store and Google Play

There’s also a whole library of longer, more informative content, with in-depth guides and deep-dives on topics ranging from energy to cryptocurrency, to futures trading or even investing in art.

Plus there’s analysis on specific companies from all over the world, so you can get clued up before you invest your hard earned money in the likes of Apple or Google, or get prepped if you fancy taking a punt on a small firm growing fast, you can learn everything about them first.

And it all started from a financial newsletter just 2 years ago, with 1,000 members in its early days to now over 1,000,000 members of it’s community – it’s become immensely popular.

What is the community?

As finimize has grown, so has their community, there’s now over 1 million members all across the world attending meet-ups in person, meeting new people and learning about pretty much any financial topic under the sun ☀️ from experts in the industry. There’s an event pretty much every day in cities across the globe.

Finimize community one million members

Better yet, you can connect with other ‘finimizers’ virtually too. As a subscriber you'll be invited to join a Whatsapp group suited to your interests, with people in your area – sharing stock tips or news based on what your group is interested in.

We’re actually in a technology group and it’s a gold mine of knowledge, and a great sense of community, all helping each other out, with no question too small. It’s great to begin your investing career and meet like-minded people too.

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Learn finance fast

As it stands there are nearly 2,000 topics you could dive into, either articles, recordings or recordings of live events – all ideal for learning on your commute if you’re pushed for time at home, or just settling down with a cup of tea to enjoy a read.

Finimize articles

But fear not, you don’t have to scroll through all 2,000 to find the ones you want, oh no! Finimize will curate the best topics for you, on a specific tab within the app, so all you need to do is open the app and the best topic for you is ready and waiting to be consumed!

How much is Finimize?

It’s relatively cheap at just £5 per month, or a total of £59.99 per year. For the resources you get, we think it’s great value – we use it everyday. There's no better investment, than an investment in yourself.

But wait just a minute, we’ve got an awesome deal for you, get a massive 50% off – so just £2.50 per month for a whole year, when you sign up with Nuts About Money. All you need to do is get started here for 50% off.

Our thoughts

Yep you guessed it – Nuts About Money, a website helping to educate people about money in the simplest way possible, simply falling in love with an app doing the same for investing and finance ❤️.

Love Finimize

We think it’s brilliant, the daily news, expert analysis and all the content is easily digestible in audio and written format, really quick, and super easy to understand. If you’re interested in finance, this is a must have. It’s 5 stars from us. We’d give 6 stars if we could!

Is there a deal?

There is! 🎉

And it’s a pretty good deal, a massive 50% off your monthly subscription, so you can grab your subscription for just £2.50 per month. Just sign up here to get your 50% off.

Full disclosure, we’ll get a small fee too, which helps keep our lights on. But if you don’t fancy the deal right now, here’s their website. You can always come back later for it when you’re ready.

A special deal just for you

We've bagged you a massive 50% off a whole years subscription. Enjoy!

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