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July 10, 2023

In a nutshell is your typical mortgage broker – they’ll find the right mortgage for you, and for free. You can get started on their website in your own time, or over the phone. The customer service is good too. A solid 3 stars from us.

Our rating rated 3 stars

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Getting a mortgage can be complicated, and very stressful! It’s recommended you use a mortgage broker to help you – they’ll be able to search every mortgage out there to find the best mortgage for you (well good ones can) – there’s over 20,000 mortgages out there, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to do this yourself! They’re also fee-free! 

Trussle review (formerly Trussle) is one of the good ones and can find the right mortgage for you from almost all the deals out there. 

Only Habito can find the best deal from all the mortgage lenders out there as they search direct-deals too, which are deals you have to go directly to the mortgage lender to get (the people who give out the mortgages). They even have their own mortgages, so it’s always worth checking with Habito¹ (they’re free too by the way, and very quick – here’s our Habito review). are available online via their website (and you speak to them there via live-chat, a messaging service), and they’re also available on the phone – although they can sometimes take a while to answer, so they offer a callback feature too.

Let’s find out if they’re right for you.

Looking for a mortgage broker?

Check out Habito –they're free, online, will get the best deal for you, and 5* rated!

Visit Habito¹Visit Habito¹

How works

With, first you’ll have to fill out your details on their website, that’s your personal details, and information about the property you want to get a mortgage on, plus the type of mortgage.

Trussle website

After that, you’ll speak to a mortgage advisor, who’s a qualified professional, and able to give you advice on which mortgage is right for you. Pretty simple so far!

If you like the sound of the mortgage they recommend for you, they can also go ahead and apply for a mortgage with the lender and handle all the paperwork. So, it’s pretty much what any mortgage broker does. 

Trussle compare mortgages is a bit different as they’ve got the website to fill out your details, so you can do it in your own time, rather than having to schedule a meeting or do it over the phone – but you can still call if you like.

You’ll still have to arrange your own conveyancer (the person who does the legal side of buying a home), and a building survey. just handles the mortgage.

How much is

Here’s some great news to hear – is completely free to use! There’s no fee to pay for mortgage advice. gets paid from the lenders when they find you a mortgage.

It’s becoming more common to offer mortgage advice for free, and aren’t the only ones, there’s Habito and London & Country too (check out our guide on online mortgage advisors).

Trussle online mortgage broker

Traditionally, you would have to arrange a meeting with a mortgage broker and they might come round your house (in the very old days!), or conversations over the phone – and these types of brokers would charge around £500, and sometimes more. So you’re saving quite a bit of cash by using a more modern broker!

You might still have to pay a fee to the mortgage lender to get the mortgage, but it’s the mortgage broker's job to find the best deal for you that includes all the extra mortgage fees.

Plus, there will be fees for the legal stuff that happens when you buy a house, you’ll have to find your own conveyancer or solicitor to handle that, and there will be fees for a building survey, and again you’ll need to arrange that too. 

What is conveyancing?

However, Habito actually offers all of this as a package – they’ll handle everything to do with buying your home from start to finish. It’s a real stress-saver, and you could even save money, check out our Habito review to learn more.

Customer support

The customer support is great.

As we've mentioned's service is mostly based online and you can chat to them there, they're very helpful. And, you can also call them on the phone too if you prefer.

Trussle customer support

Finally, on their website there’s a useful Help Centre where they answer any questions you might have about using or mortgages in general.

Is safe?

Yep! It’s authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which means they’ve been reviewed and are approved to find you the right mortgage. - Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

It also means if you are unhappy with the mortgage you end up getting, and think there was a better deal you could be entitled to compensation. customer reviews

Customers love

It’s got an excellent rating on Trustpilot, the popular reviews website, of 4.7 out of 5, from over 6,000 reviews. That’s hard to get, especially in financial services where customer service is often an afterthought.

Trussle Trustpilot rating

Most customers are very happy with the mortgage they were recommended and the service in general. Only a few had issues with delays and communication.

Our thoughts

We really like – they can find the right mortgage for you, from most of the mortgages out there, and for free!

Our main negative with is they don’t search for direct-only deals, so you’ll need to do a bit of work yourself to check direct-only lenders if you did want to check every deal out there.

The customer service is great, and you can fit everything around your busy schedule by using their website and live-chat, and there’s no meetings – or simply handle everything over the phone. Whatever suits you!

However, having said that, isn’t necessarily unique, it’s a typical mortgage broker (albeit quite modern), and all they do is handle the mortgage, rather than the whole process of buying your home – so you’ve still got all the stress of that too.

We recommend checking out Habito¹ who can handle everything for you (plus the mortgage, and for free). Here’s our Habito review to learn more.

Overall, is good, but not amazing, it’s your standard mortgage broker with a few more benefits, so we’re giving it a solid 3 stars. If you think it’s for you, get started on their website.

Looking for a mortgage broker?

Check out Habito –they're free, online, will get the best deal for you, and 5* rated!

Visit Habito¹Visit Habito¹

Looking for a mortgage broker?

Check out Habito – they're free, online, will get the best deal for you, and 5* rated!

Visit Habito¹Visit Habito¹

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