Habito vs (formerly Trussle) – which is best?

Christopher Dowling
May 21, 2024

In a nutshell

The winner is Habito! They’re fee free, find you the best mortgage for you and have great customer service. And if you’re buying a new home, they’ll handle everything for you – that’s the legal work, surveys and all the admin. You can’t beat that can you? Habito wins! 

All ready to get your new home? Or perhaps just switching to a new mortgage deal?

First of all, great decision to use a mortgage broker – you can now be sure you’ll get the best mortgage for you (well, providing you use a broker that searches the whole market. Which Habito and both do).

And second, another great decision to use an online broker. Getting a mortgage online makes things a lot easier – everything works to your schedule, rather than meetings to fit in with the brokers schedule! Plus, you can do it in your PJs while watching TV. 

Using an online mortgage broker

Oh yeah, they're both free too!

So, the 2 giants of online mortgage brokers, Habito vs Both great, but is there a clear winner? Let’s find out.

Habito vs Trussle

If you're rushed for time it's Habito. You can get started through the Habito website¹.

Habito vs ease of use

When it comes to ease of use, they’re both great. They’re both online, and you handle everything on both their websites – which you can access on your phone too.

So, no more waiting on hold for hours on-end, or waiting for a call back from a broker, and then telling them your life story. You can simply jump on their website and fill out your details whenever you like. You can even save your progress and finish the form later.

Habito website

We tested both Habito and, and both took around 15 minutes to complete the initial stage of filling in our information. Depending on your individual circumstances this might take slightly longer or shorter. Either way, they both seem to be roughly the same time.

Trussle website

With Habito they don't ask for your phone number, but with you can't get started without adding it – and we all know what’s coming if you add a phone number right? Lot’s of phone calls to encourage you to finish your application.

You communicate with Habito through their 'live-chat' feature (you chat through their website), so it’s up to you when you want to chat with your mortgage advisor (you'll get an email when you have an updated message).

Habito live-chat

We think that’s better for ease of use, it suits your lifestyle rather than the brokers. You can have a call if you like, but it’s not the default option.

With, you’ll most likely get a phone call to hurry you up. We think this goes against the concept of being online – and changes the process to suit the broker rather than you. Plus, it puts you in an awkward position! No one likes sales calls. 

Once you’ve filled out your initial information though, you can use live-chat with too if you want to. 

Trussle live-chat also sends you things in the post. We’re not big fans of that either. Both in terms of the environment and simply because it’s really annoying!

So, we’re giving this one to Habito. It’s actually online, and works to your schedule, not the other way round.

Winner: Habito

Habito wins!

Their free, online, search every mortgage deal, and have great service.

Visit Habito¹Visit Habito¹

Habito vs costs

This one is going to be quick! Habito and are both fee free!

That means you don’t pay a fee to get mortgage advice. Curious how that works? Well all mortgage brokers get paid a commission from the mortgage lender (the people who give out the mortgages to you), when they get you a mortgage…

However most traditional mortgage brokers (those who give mortgage advice either face-to-face, or over the phone and via email), will charge a fee too. And this is on average around £500, but it can be less and even a lot more! It depends who you choose.

Free online mortgage brokers

They charge a fee because they can only work with a few customers at a time. It takes them longer to have conversations with you and collect the information they need. Whereas, with online mortgage brokers, you provide the information yourself on their website.

So, online brokers can be more efficient and work with more customers at a time, and still have everything running smoothly. Therefore they don’t need to charge a small fortune for their service.

As they’re both free, this can only be a draw.

Winner: it’s a draw!

Habito vs mortgage options

This is going to be short and sweet too!

Habito and are both whole-of-market brokers. That means they can search every mortgage deal out there to find the right one for you.

This is essential when it comes to using a mortgage broker. If they can’t search the whole market, you can’t be sure they’ll be able to find you the best deal. And that means you could be £100s worse off per month.

There’s lots of mortgage brokers out there who can only search a few mortgage lenders, so avoid these. And never just walk into your bank on the street and ask for a mortgage – they can only search their own mortgages!

Whole-of-market mortgage broker

There’s 20,000 mortgages out there and over 90 mortgage lenders. So, you never know where the best deal for you might come from.

As Habito and are whole-of-market, this one’s a draw too.

Winner: it’s a draw!

Habito vs buying a home

Now here’s where Habito shines.

If you’re looking to buy a home, it’s not just the mortgage you need to worry about, there’s the legal work too (called conveyancing), and a building survey to arrange (to check the structure of the house is all in order). Buying a home can be stressful and feel like a full-time job!

Building survey

Well, here’s the big difference between Habito and Habito offers everything you need, all under one roof. So that’s the mortgage, conveyancing, building survey, and all the admin that goes with it, plus anything else you need to buy your new home. Pretty great right?

Habito Plus on the other hand, just handles the mortgage bit. Which is great, but means you’ll have to sort everything else out yourself. Habito have just gone that extra mile. (That’s only if you want the extras with Habito. You can just get a mortgage for free too.)

What’s great with this extra service from Habito is it’s actually very reasonably priced too. It might even come in cheaper than arranging everything yourself.

So not only do you save time, and reduce stress, but you could also save cash too. There’s no harm in getting a quote to find out how much it would be for you – which you can do on the Habito website¹.

So, when it comes to buying a home. Habito is the clear winner here.

Winner: Habito

Habito vs customer reviews

To compare customer service, it’s a great idea to look at customer reviews. So let’s do exactly that. To do this, we’ll use Trustpilot, the popular reviews website.

Habito has a score of 4.7 out of 5 from over 7,500 reviews. That’s excellent! You can’t really beat that, can you? The reviews mention the great service from the mortgage advisors, great customer support, finding the best mortgage deals, and the fact they’ll handle everything for you when it comes to buying a home.

Habito Trustpilot rating also has a score of 4.7 out of 5. Again, excellent! And that’s from over 6,000 reviews. The reviews are praising the mortgage advisors service, and finding great mortgage deals.

Trussle Trustpilot rating

Well, we’ll have to call that one a draw too.

Winner: it’s a draw!

Habito vs the winner

Getting a mortgage can be a stressful experience, but with Habito and, it’s a lot less stressful – in fact, it’s pretty easy!

Plus, you can be sure you’re getting the best mortgage deal as they’re both whole-of-market brokers, and amazingly they’re fee free.

Habito is more online focused, and it works to your schedule rather than the mortgage advisors schedule (i.e. they won’t call you up trying to hurry you along). We think it’s great, and perfect for almost everyone (we’re all super busy these days aren’t we!). You can handle everything when you have a spare few minutes, or even when you are lying on the sofa watching Netflix.

Get a mortgage while watching Netflix

Habito also helps you with everything you need when buying a home. That’s the legal work and the building survey, plus any other admin. It’s an all-in-one service, you don’t need to worry about a thing, just get the keys to your new home at the end. And they’re the only company who offer this.

For that reason, we’re crowning Habito as the winner! You really can’t go wrong. The best mortgage deal, everything handled for you, and awesome customer service.

If you want to learn more about both, here’s our review and Habito review. If you’re keen to get started with Habito, visit the Habito website¹.

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Habito wins!

Their free, online, search every mortgage deal, and have great service.

Visit Habito¹Visit Habito¹
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Habito wins!

Their free, online, search every mortgage deal, and have great service.

Visit Habito¹Visit Habito¹
No items found.

Habito wins!

Their free, online, search every mortgage deal, and have great service.

Visit Habito¹Visit Habito¹
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Habito wins!

Their free, online, search every mortgage deal, and have great service.

Visit Habito¹Visit Habito¹

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