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Christopher Dowling
May 19, 2024

In a nutshell

It’s contents insurance, buildings insurance, or both (home insurance), made to suit you. It’s super low cost – you start with basic cover and just add what you need. As simple as that. It’s easy to set up, all from your phone or their website. You can’t go wrong. 5 stars.

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Getsafe took Europe by storm, and are now in the UK, revolutionising our home insurance, contents insurance and buildings insurance. They’ve got over 550,000 customers and growing fast, so must be doing something right.

It’s home insurance – but simple. Home insurance is contents insurance and buildings insurance, put together into one easy-to-buy package. You can just get contents insurance or buildings insurance by itself too.

Wait, what’s contents insurance? It’s everything inside your home, so all the furniture, and everything else. It’s different from buildings insurance, which is insurance for the actual building. Imagine if you tipped your home upside down, contents insurance is to cover everything that would fall out. And home insurance is the actual building, so everything that doesn’t move!

Getsafe building and contents insurance

Getsafe is all based on an app on your phone (although you can use their website too). That’s everything from getting the policy (which is what the type of cover you want is called), all the way to making a claim if something happens to your stuff. All on their 5 star rated app. 

Getsafe review

It’s flexible, meaning you get to customise the policy to suit your needs and you're not paying for insurance you don’t need. A policy is a fancy name for what your insurance protects you from and an agreement they’ll pay you if you ever need to make a claim.

Because you personalise your plan, it’s low cost too. There’s a basic level of cover, and then you add on what you need extra, such as accidental damage or legal protection (more on these later).

That also means pricing is 100% transparent, with no hidden fees or additional charges.

How Getsafe works

It’s really simple, and really easy. You have a basic level insurance, which everyone would get, and that protects you from all the ‘standard’ things such as fires and burglary, and then you decide which ‘add-ons’ you’d like such as accidental damage (again, more on these in a little bit).

Next you set your excess, which is how much you’d contribute yourself should you ever make a claim (again we cover this below too!). 

And that’s it. Your quote (the price of your insurance), will be automatically generated, click accept and you’re covered. Super quick and easy!

Is Getsafe for you?

Getsafe might be the cheapest option out there. Get a quote online in minutes to see for yourself.

Visit Getsafe¹Visit Getsafe¹

What are you protected against?

Everyone gets the ‘basic level’ protection as standard. So for contents insurance it protects your contents from the following:

  • Fire
  • Water damage
  • Oil leaks
  • Theft, burglary and robbery
  • Riots and civil unrest
  • Storms and flooding

And for buildings insurance, you’ve got even more protection. You get all of the above, plus these:

  • Explosions and lightning
  • Earthquakes
  • Water freezing in tanks, equipment or pipes
  • Failing items
  • Vehicles or animals
  • Subsidence, heave or landslip

Contents insurance basic cover

The standard basic cover is pretty good! Almost all the items in a typical house would be covered. The overall cover for contents insurance is £100,000, which is more than enough for the average person, and as part of that you’ll get up to £2,000 cover per item.

If you have items worth over £2,000 you can choose 5 high value items to be covered up to £4,000.

Getsafe Basic level cover

Your garden is also covered, and technically anywhere within the boundary of your property. Outdoor items are covered up to £1,000.

Furniture: all of your furniture is covered against damage.

Jewellery and watches: jewellery is covered, up to £4,000 per item (if you set it as a high value item). You’ll need specialist insurance for items with a higher value.

Cameras and audio equipment: these are also covered, and up to £4,000 if you set it as a high value item.

Money: your cash is covered too! But only up to £500.

Clothes: your clothes are covered as well.

Get your locks changed: if your keys are stolen, you can get your locks replaced.

Personal data: if your computer is damaged, you’ll get help to try to retrieve your lost data, such as photos and videos.

Working from home: If you’re working from home, and using a company laptop or phone, or any company items in fact. If it gets damaged, you’re covered for up to £2,000.

Visitors things: if you have your friends and family round, their things are covered in your policy too.

Food in the fridge: even your food and drink in the fridge or freezer is covered.

Getsafe are so confident you’ll stick with them that they don’t charge any fees to leave – you can cancel your policy any time you like! (perfect for students who move regularly too.)

Contents insurance add-ons

The basic level cover is great, and that’s all of the above. But you can also personalise the cover to suit you. Here’s what you can add-on to your policy:

Getsafe app

Accidental damage: for some people, accidents happen… a lot! You can get cover for any damage caused by accidents.

Outside the home: this is a big one. Cover your items when you’re out and about. Even abroad! 

Legal protection: you can also get legal protection for things like injuries, and contract disputes such as faulty TVs and even for things such as surgeries not going to plan! There’s quite a wide range. It’s legal protection for you, not simply for your items.

Home emergency: if you have an emergency in your home, such as a flood or an electrical fault, you’ll get money for repair costs and emergency accommodation if you need to move out for a while.

Tenants liability: if you’re renting your home, you can protect yourself against damage to your landlord's items, such as spilling red wine on their nice new carpet!

Buildings insurance basic cover

For buildings insurance, the basic cover is pretty great too. Overall, you’re covered up to £1 million for damage to your property, but you’ll also get:

Damage to pipes: cover up to £4,000 per item for underground pipes, cables and tanks.

Glass breakage: this is for ‘sanitary fittings’, which are things like the bath and the toilet, and even covers ceramic hobs up to £25,000.

Alternative accommodation: up to £20,000 to cover the cost of living elsewhere if something happens to your home.

Property owner’s liability: if someone is injured on your property and it was your fault, you get cover from any claims, up to £2 million.

Replacement of keys and locks: if you lose your keys, or there's damage to the locks, or any safes and alarms, up to £1,000.

Fees and costs: if something happens and you need architects, engineers, or lawyers you’ll be covered up to £100,000.

Trace and access: this is to cover the costs of identifying sources of leaks. Which is up to £5,000.

Emergency access: if the emergency services need access, any damage is covered up to £500.

Other people's stuff: if something bad happens and someone else's stuff is damaged, they’ll get the cost back.

Food in the fridge: if your fridge or freezer is damaged, you’ll get the cost of your food and drink back.

Buildings insurance add-ons

Buildings accidental damage: you can cover yourself if you accidentally damage the building of your home (not the contents).

Enhanced home emergency: you can cover yourself from electrical or water supply issues. So, for instance if there's no heating, or no water, you can get your boiler fixed, and emergency accommodation too.

Enhanced legal protection: cover yourself against a wide range of legal disputes, not just relating to your home. Such as personal injury, employment issues, and even if things like surgeries gone wrong.

Who is protected?

The cover is for yourself and your items, but you can add all of these people if you live with them: (basically everyone in your family!).

  • Partner or spouse
  • Siblings
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Grandparents
  • Flatmates (with buildings insurance)

It’s free to add people too.

How cheap is Getsafe?

The basic level cover for home insurance, (so contents insurance and buildings insurance combined) starts from £2.80 per month, which has a great level of cover for your home. Not a bad price at all.

And insurance by themselves:

  • Contents insurance starts at just £1.56 per month
  • Buildings insurance starts at £1.63 per month

However, it really depends on how big your home is, and the bigger it is, generally the more expensive it will be.

For comparison, Getsafe's cheapest option is £33.60 for home insurance, and the average cost of home insurance per year is £140 (Money Helper) – so quite a bit cheaper! This is on average of course.

To get a quote for your actual home (it only takes a few minutes too), here's where to get a quote¹.

It’s low-priced because the pricing is personalised to you, your home, and what you’re after. Just pick the cover you need, and you don’t have to pay for anything else.

If you want any add-ons, you’ll be looking at these prices on top:

Insurance add-on Cost per month (starting from)
Accidental damage £3.39
Personal possessions £3.81
Legal protection £4.03
Home emergency £4.64
Tenant’s liability £3.35

How does the excess work?

Excess in insurance is how much you’d have to pay yourself when you make a claim on the insurance. For instance, if your excess is £50, then if you wanted to make a claim on the insurance, you’d have to pay £50 yourself.

Insurance excess

You choose your excess figure yourself, starting at £50 and going all the way up to £400. And the higher excess you set, the lower your premium will be (that’s how much you pay for your insurance).

And the good thing is it’s entirely up to you how much excess you’d like to set.

Customer service

The customer service is pretty great. You can chat to someone through their app to help solve any issues, and if you like, you can actually speak to someone on the phone, from the UK. Pretty novel these days!

Getsafe customer reviews

Getsafe customers love it. It’s got an excellent rating of 3.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot, the popular reviews website. From over 3,500 reviews. That’s pretty good. Especially in insurance, where it’s dominated by large corporations who treat their customers poorly.

Getsafe Trustpilot rating

Our thoughts

We love companies that are making things easier, simpler and most importantly cheaper! And that’s exactly what Getsafe has done with home insurance.

Why pay for insurance you don’t need, their basic level will cover you for, well, the basics and then you just add any extra cover that you need. It’s that simple!

Only want additional cover for your stuff outside? Then you can just get additional cover for your stuff outside! Simple. And because of the personalisation it’s cheap too. 

Plus, it’s all handled on a great phone app or their website, so you never have to speak to anyone if you don’t want to, even when you need to make a claim. And you can do it all in the comfort of your own home while watching Netflix.

We think it’s great, and can’t find any faults! 5 stars for us.

It’s easy to get a quote too, here’s where to get started¹.

Is Getsafe for you?

Getsafe might be the cheapest option out there. Get a quote online in minutes to see for yourself.

Visit Getsafe¹Visit Getsafe¹

Is Getsafe for you?

Getsafe might be the cheapest option out there. Get a quote online in minutes to see for yourself.

Visit Getsafe¹Visit Getsafe¹

Is Getsafe for you?

Getsafe might be the cheapest option out there. Get a quote online in minutes to see for yourself.

Visit Getsafe¹Visit Getsafe¹
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Is Getsafe for you?

Getsafe might be the cheapest option out there. Get a quote online in minutes to see for yourself.

Visit Getsafe¹Visit Getsafe¹

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